Judo belt requirements: White to Yellow.

by Ryan Gregory, May 5th, 2013

There is lots of information online about Judo techniques and curricula, but I thought it would be useful (for me, at least) to have some of this material combined in one place.  For example, here is a summary of the belt requirements for White (6th kyu) to Yellow (5th kyu), based on the Judo Canada syllabus.  The animations are from the excellent site JudoInfo.com which is run by Neil Ohlenkamp.  Clicking on a technique name will link to a YouTube video.

(Throwing techniques)

Osoto-otoshi Large outer drop  osotootoshi

Osoto-gari Large outer reap  osotogari
Uki-goshi (or o-goshi or tsuri-goshi) Floating half-hip throw (or full hip throw or lifting hip throw)  ukigoshi
Ippon seio-nage One arm shoulder throw  ipponseoi
Deashi-barai Advanced foot sweep  deashibarai
Tai-otoshi Body drop  taiotoshi2
Ouchi-gari Large inner reap  
Kouchi-gari or kouchi-gake Small inner reap  kouchiga
Kosoto-gake or kosotogari Small outer reap or small outer hook  kosotogakekosotogari




Zempo-ukemi Front breakfall  
Koho-ukemi Back breakfall  
Yoko-ukemi Side breakfall  
Zempo-kaiten Forward roll  


(Grappling techniques)

Kesa-gatame / kuzure-kesa-gatame Scarf hold / broken scarf hold



Yoko-shiho-gatame Side four quarter hold  yoko_shiho_gatame
Escapes from kesa-gatame  
Escapes from yoko-shiho-gatame  
Basic attack and defense  


Other skills

Shizen Hontai; Migi/Hidari Shizentai Basic posture (left and right)  
Jigo Hontai:Migi/Hidari Jigotai Defensive posture (left and right)  
Tai-sabaki; Tsugi-ashi Body movement  
Kumi-kata Grips  
Kuzushi Breaking opponent’s balance  
Tsukuri Turning into the throw  
Kake Executing the throw  



  • 9 of the specified 9 techniques performed in motion. Chosen goshi-waza must be performed to the right and left.
  • Serving as uke for the tori attempting a grading examination.
  • Minimum of 15 weeks of practice 2 x 120 minutes /week, as a white belt.
  • Knowledge of Judo origin and history.
  • Fitness goals: 20 full push-ups; 30 modified sit-ups, 20 burpees in 60 seconds.

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