DIY training equipment collection.

by Ryan Gregory, May 31st, 2012

Below is a series of links to do-it-yourself traditional and modern training equipment from around the internet. I will try to keep this updated as I find new examples. If you know of something that I have missed, or if you would like to start a discussion about making a specific tool, please post a comment.

For overviews of training using traditional and modern equipment, I recommend The Art of Hojo Undo and Shin Gi Tai by Michael Clarke and Solo Training and Solo Training 2 by Loren W. Christensen.

Punching bags and striking dummies
* A do-it-yourself, free-standing striking dummy (Back in the Gi)
* Cheap, light-weight punching bag (Back in the Gi)
* DIY boxing bag (Warrior’s Ark)
* DIY punching bag made from PVC, carpet padding, and duct tape (Danny Lipford)
* Car Tire Punchbag/MMA Kicking Target (Homemade Gym Stuff)
* Tire striking dummy (Arnis Calgary)
* DIY striking dummy (Karate Connection)
* Homemade martial arts dummy I (lloydmtz)
* Homemade martial arts dummy II (lloydmtz)
* Homemade martial arts dummy III (lloydmtz)
* Homemade martial arts dummy IV (lloydmtz)
* Homemade martial arts dummy VI (lloydmtz)
* MA Dummy (plans for purchase)

Breaking boards and other striking targets
* How to build a breaking board holder (Back in the Gi)

Multi-target striking tools
* DIY Multi-Target Grid and “Maize” Bag (Fight Sciences Research Institute blog)
* Free-standing kick target stand — coming soon (Back in the Gi)
* Conceptual sketches from Back In The Gi:

Grappling dummies, arms, and mats
* Arming the heavy bag, part one: trial by wire (Back in the Gi)
* “Lamont” grappling dummy (Matt Wilson)
* “Tapey” grappling dummy (Part 2, Part 3) (Mike’s Formative Years)
* “El Jefe” grappling dummy (The Living Example)
* “Pedro” grappling dummy (Video) (Medford Tools)
* Jiujitsu365’s grappling dummy (Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6) (BJJ365)
* DIY Bubba grappling dummy (PennStateofMind)
* Homemade grappling dummy (
* DIY grappling dummy (Part 2, Part 3) (Association for Renaissance Martial Arts forum)
* Homemade grappling dummy (Full Contact Events)
* Homemade grappling dummy (kg6lcr)
* Homemade grappling dummy (Part 2, Part 3) (Blog o’ the Jimmy)
* Grappling dummy (Callisto77)
* How to make a PVC grappling dummy (eHow)
* How to make a duct tape grappling dummy (eHow)
* DIY grappling mat (Isk8rduder)
* Making MMA-Jiu-jitsu mats (jmjkd)

Makiwara and other striking posts
* Makiwara training (Lawrence Kane)
* The Ude Makiwara: Notes on History, Construction and Usage (Fight Sciences Research Institute blog)
* How to Make a Makiwara (Karate Tips)
* Build your own home made makiwara (tire type) (SenseiEli)
* Makiwara board training (Metro Michigan Shotokan Karate)
* How to construct your own makiwara (FTSV Jahn Brinkum)
* Makiwara — platform type (Back in the Gi)
* Makiwara — tire type (Back in the Gi)
* Build your own makiwara (24 Fighting Chickens)
* Building a makiwara (Mike Oliveri)
* DIY Wall Mounted Makiwara (Bieneman’s Blog)
* Kicking contraption (Ron Kowsakowski)
* How To: Make Your Own Kakiya (Fight Sciences Research Institute blog)
* Ultimate Makiwara (plans for purchase)
* Makiwara Construction Guide (plans for purchase) (Eclectic Fighter)

Hojo undo, strength training, and conditioning tools
* The Art of Hojo Undo by Michael Clarke
* Making your own supplementary equipment (Okinawan Traditional Goju Ryu Karate-do Association)
* DIY square kongoken (Fight Sciences Research Institute blog)
* DIY blocker sticks (Budo no Kaizen)

* DIY Electric Training Knife (Fight Sciences Research Institute blog)

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