Re-stomp the groin.

by Ryan Gregory, April 19th, 2012

I hope you enjoyed the various episodes of Enter The Dojo, which I collected in a previous post here. One of the scenes that I find especially funny is the one in which Master Ken describes a series of techniques in response to a guy “getting up in your face”:

What makes this clip funny is that it is so over the top and disproportionate to the offence. It also manages to work in a well-known martial arts cliche (“It’s better to be judged by twelve than carried by six”).

The best humour, especially satire, is built around an element of truth. It isn’t hard to find examples of that which is being parodied here. Indeed, I came across the following while searching for examples of defences against the haymaker, which apparently is the most common first attack in street fights.

Truth be told, that guy won’t be throwing any more haymakers for a while, what with the punches to his carotid artery and the head stomp.

Or, you could just break his neck and, just to be safe, also punch him in the spine.

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