Cheap, light-weight punching bag.

by Ryan Gregory, April 15th, 2012

I have been acquiring and making a variety of training tools to include in my home dojo (“hojo”?), which I am nearly finished building in my garage. This includes modern training apparatus like a heavy bag (modified with grappling arms) and a Body Opponent Bag (“BOB“) as well as traditional implements for hojo undo like the makiwara.

I mentioned that the tire-type makiwara that I made is particularly neat because it can be quickly swapped out for other striking targets to hang from the same hook. I will be hanging my breaking board holder, for example, and today I made a smaller, lighter-weight punching bag that can also be hung there. The reason I want two punching bags in close proximity is that I want to practice combinations on multiple attackers from different directions.  If I move BOB closer to the heavy bag, I will have targets on three sides.

To make the lighter punching bag, I picked up an army-style top-loading duffel bag from a surplus store. Then I simply stuffed it full of old clothes and rags, tied the top shut, cut off the strap and handle, and added chains to hang it.

Although it is comparatively small, it is surprisingly heavy and solid.  It’s no substitute for a heavy bag, mind you, but it will be perfect as a supplemental target. Of course, if you happen to be constrained in terms of space and/or cost, this is also a great option.

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