Enter The Dojo.

by Ryan Gregory, April 15th, 2012

For your viewing pleasure, here is the first season of Enter The Dojo.

Episode 1: Welcome To The Dojo

Episode 2: Destroy The Groin

Episode 3: Rape Class (Part 1)

Episode 4: Rape Class (Part 2)

Episode 5: Kill Face

Episode 6: Into The Darkness

Episode 7: Dance Of Death

Episode 8: Attack The Heart

Episode 9: The Hurticane

Episode 10: Meditation


Stop Ninjutsu

Ninjutsu Is Bullshit

Training At Home

Tiger Wisdom: Snowman

Tiger Wisdom: The Belt System

Tiger Wisdom: The Street

Tiger Wisdom: Lightning

Tiger Wisdom: Self Promotion

Master Ken’s Introduction to a Jiu Jitsu Training Seminar in Canada

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[…] hope you enjoyed the various episodes of Enter The Dojo, which I collected in a previous post here. One of the scenes that I find especially funny is the one in which Master Ken describes a series […]

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